Sometime your bin will run into some small issues. These issues are usually easy to identify and fix. Below are the most common issues.

Why does my bin smell?

Bad smells are not from the worms, they are from rotting food or bedding inside the bin. Below are some items to inspect for:

  • Did you add meat, dairy, or fatty materials into the bin?
  • Are you overfeeding the bin and there is too much organics?
  • Did you bury your organic material under at least an inch of bedding?
  • Is the bin too wet or not able to drain?
  • Is the bedding matted down and restricting air flow?

If you find any of the conditions above, you should correct them. Don’t feed the bin until it is running properly.

Worms crawling out of the bin

If your worms are trying to escape this typically means the bin is too acidic. Things like citrus, peat moss, and coconut coir add to acidity so these maybe part of your issue. Typically though the cause of this is the worms have too much castings or compost in the bin and it is time to harvest. Adding fresh bedding and removing some of the finished v compost should fix this condition.

Flies in the bin

It is not usually to have some bugs in the bin, but if you notice flies or gnats flying around this should be fixed. The main reason flies are making a home in your bin is cause you are not burying the food deep enough. Add more bedding to the top of the bin and make sure you are not overfeeding the bin. Flies can be removed by using fly paper traps.

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